30 days ago

Does Hamilton need a $79.3m theatre?

Kendra Stone Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours - the theatre, set to be situated on Victoria Street, will be an "enabler for economic development", and will be shared with meeting rooms, a restaurant/cafe and five star hotel.

What do you think of this investment? Is it what Hamilton needs or should money be allocated elsewhere first? Read more here

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6 minutes ago

Cowboy Christmas bookings open - end-of-year functions and groups

The Team from Riverlea Theatre and Arts Centre

It's available for booking now! The perfect end-of-year celebration for your work or other group. Lots of fun, great music you love and suitable for younger and older adults in your group. Not suitable for children. Find out more at the link below.

15 minutes ago

Redlid Garden Bins & Bags

Grant Wilson from Red Lid Garden Bins & Bags and Redlid Skips

With Spring in full flight you need a green waste collector who won't let you down. Give us a call or check our website. 07 834 0191 or www.redlid.co.nz...

5 hours ago

Would you cycle over Claudelands Bridge?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

A cycle-friendly makeover to Claudelands Bridge could increase risks for cyclists, a Hamilton courier driver believes.

He says they're going to make it "100 times worse", as the concrete barriers are too low and similar in colour to the road so they won't be seen. He says "he believes the cyclist will clip them and tip straight into traffic".

Do you agree? Are you a cyclist who uses the bridge?