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Champagne Flutes

Marylou from Melville

Eisch German Champagne Flutes. Two beautiful glasses using Sensis plus glass. These are new glasses but I have far too many. I have others to sell. Would make a lovely gift. Ph 843 4421 or message me. Pickup is in Melville.

Price: $45

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Poll: Could you live in a former courthouse or police station?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

They're not for sale in Hamilton - but they are down the road in Putaruru!

The courthouse still has its witness stands and the deadline sale's coming up.
Read more here.

Would you be happy to live in a building which used to be a former courthouse or police station?

Could you live in a former courthouse or police station?
  • 62.8% Yes, they'd have an interesting history.
    62.8% Complete
  • 9.3% No, it'd feel strange.
    9.3% Complete
  • 27.9% I'm not worried - it's just a building.
    27.9% Complete
  • 0% Other (explain in the comments)
    0% Complete
43 votes
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Are your dog’s food portions right?

Coopers Pet Kitchen

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