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St Stephen's Tamahere Christmas services and events

Marg Forde from St Stephen's Tamahere

All are welcome to join us as we celebrate the goodwill that is the Christmas season and the joy of the birth of Jesus. This Saturday evening December 8th from 6.30pm we have Community Carols in our lovely church grounds. Bring a rug and a picnic and enjoy the singing or join in yourselves to the music provided by the Cambridge Brass Band.
From Monday, 10th to Friday, 14th there are twice-daily choir services in the church, at 10.30 and 1 pm as follows:
Monday 10th Dec 10.30 Rototuna Primary School 1pm: Rukuhia School Tuesday 11th Dec 10.30 Tauwhare School 1pm: Tamahere School
Wed 12th Dec 10.30 Grier & Giane Gardyne 1pm: Flute group
Thursday 13th Dec 10.30: Eastside Singers 1pm: St Columba’s School Friday 14th Dec 10.30: Cathedral Singers 1pm: Recorder group
Our Christmas Festival Shop in the church hall will be open on those days from 10 am to 4 pm selling Christmas gifts and decorations, handmade locally and lovingly throughout the year by a dedicated team of people who meet at St Stephens every Thursday morning.
Light refreshments like tea, coffee, juice, shortbread and Christmas cake are available at the shop.
You are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy it on our beautiful grounds surrounding the hall and church.
Christmas Festivals have been held at St Stephens since 1986 with the aim of presenting the Bethlehem Story and raising funds for various charities. Last year $13,000 was raised which was distributed to the Red Cross, Hospice Waikato, Alzheimer Charitable Trust,Blind Foundation and St Stephen's Church.

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We say, You Say: Roadworks

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Kia ora Hamilton,

Road improvements are currently underway to upgrade Palmerston Street in the Hamilton CBD.

For the next two months, road rebuilds and safety improvements will be undertaken, with features designed to encourage safe driving and minimise excessive speed. Around 8800 cars pass through the street during peak times with 24 crashes reported in the past five years.

Which roads in your area need work done?

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Habit-Building for High School

NumberWorks'nWords Hamilton Central

Approaching later primary school years can be a time of mixed emotions for students and their parents. Independence is emerging in the form of homework and study time, interest in specific subject areas might be developing, and ideas about the world and how to make a positive impact are surfacing.
By working together with your child to build these 5 actions, habits can be formed now in time to start high school in the coming years, with confidence.

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Happy Fri-YAY Neighbourhood Supporters! 🥳

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

We know it's our first long weekend since June and many of us are itching to hit the roads, but there's no need to rush. Make sure to slow down, buckle up and have a plan so that you can arrive safely to wherever you're going. 💖

If you're getting behind the wheel:

🌧 Drive to conditions

↔️ Keep a safe following distance

😇 Be patient with other drivers

☕️ Take regular breaks to stay alert

⌚️ Allow plenty of time

👉 Use that indicator!

For the latest traffic updates: