33 days ago

Three waters Reforms

Mano Neighbourly Lead from Silverdale

Hamilton City and Regional Council rates had gone up to unaffordable amounts. Both rates have a percentage for the water. This year City Council added additional rates for Government compliance approved by the Councilors. In addition to all these do we need "Three Waters" reforms which may end up with another new Council Water rate in the future?

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12 hours ago

Wanted; 1 old Gnome (no [unseemly] jokes please :)

Dianne from Hamilton East

Has anyone got an old Gnome from their or perhaps Grandads garden that they.....dont like, dont want, that they would like to get rid of
Chips, etc are fine.
Obviously willing to pay. This is to be a Christmas present for someone who is just slightly obsessed with them!

1 day ago

New look for your home

Red Cross Frankton from Red Cross Shop Frankton

We have some interesting items on our shelfs just waiting for a new home.

2 days ago

Anti-Covid border between Raglan and Hamilton 'should be investigated' - mayor

Jack from Melville

"Hamilton mayor Paula Southgate says she wants to investigate the feasibility of setting up border controls between the city and Raglan, an ongoing Covid hotspot."
Good one. Why should we lose freedoms due to science deniers refusing vaccines and offering YouTubes as "research"?