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Summa from Frankton


(Posting on behalf of my family member)
Has been hanging around my possibly living under my house for around 2 months now looks scruffy and dirty (even tho doesn't look in photo and photo was taken month ago) won't let me go near, have talked to neighbours and they don't know who it belongs to either. At one stage was meowing so much and continues to hang around outside my house so thought maybe a tom, but due to looking quite poorly so started putting out some food. Thinking it's either lost or a stray. Couple weeks back he looked like he'd been in a fight as had bleeding ear and hes progressively looking bit more worse for wear.
My cousin messaged me this photo about a month ago so gave a bit of time but doesn't seem to be anyone's cat so wanted to check on here before we come up with a plan to help this kitty
Have been trying get close but very weary of humans and just runs under deck otherwise we would've tried a paper collar

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Dianne from Hamilton East

C'mon people, its our chance to put Hamilton well and truly on the map!
Lets get our whanau, friends and anyone else you know to get along and vaccinate.....Fairfield pharmacy are just the most wonderful people who are open and ready for you, if you are nervous and anxious, ask for Katy, she will allay all your fears, and answer any queries/concerns you have, please, please do it for yourself, do it for others, do it for New Zealand!
P.S., I have had cancer, so am immunodeficient (not that I remember most of the time, lol) and I got the jab, and had no reaction/s whatsoever, so dont wait, vaccinate today!!
Kia pai te ra!!

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Available Grazing

Arran from Tauwhare

Hi, we live on a lifestyle block in Newstead and have approx 1.5 hectares in two paddocks available for grazing.
Both paddocks fenced with own water connected by access race.
One paddock has a calf shed.
Excellent access. Arran 0275 727 413