25 days ago

Judith Collins bill proposing a new law giving city councils powers to fast-track building more houses.

Dianne from Hamilton East

Im unclear whether she drafted this bill but regardless, I believe her solution is an excellent one. Surely councils have designated land for housing in the past, I dont know, could someone fill me in on this, and if not, then yes Judith, I totally agree, it should be rushed through, the chronic lack of affordable (and please note that word) housing is an abomination and is an indictment on our society as a whole.

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2 days ago

new HCC targeted rate

Geraldine from Frankton

While watching the online council discussions today I learnt that the 5 year targeted 'govt compliance' rate of 4.5% will after the 5 years carry on and be added into the general rate, not come to an end as I had assumed. So 8.9% will then be the baseline for rates increases. The council is getting better and better at hiding the details.

1 day ago

Petition to support the public service and reverse the decision to suppress wages

Lee from Glenview

Please sign the petition linked below which asks the Minister of Finance Grant Robertson and Minister for the Public Service Chris Hipkins to support the public service and reverse the decision to suppress wages.


Thank you!

2 days ago

What's On: Beerescourt Bowling Club - Cancelled

Carl from Forest Lake

(behind the tennis courts) Club days Tuesday and Saturdays. Visitors and new members welcome. Contact Carl 0274307258
Beerescourt Bowling Club - Cancelled
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