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The Pā

The Team from University of Waikato

Today we welcomed Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and Te Puhi Ariki Ngāwai hono i te po Paki, representing King Tūheitia to campus to mark the beginning of the construction of our new marae and student hub, The Pā.

This ceremony, guided by leaders of Waikato Tainui and the Kīngitanga, infused two traditions: breaking the ground, and embedding the mauri for The Pā. Breaking the ground in this way signals that construction of this major facility will be underway shortly, and the embedding of a whatu, a mauri stone, symbolises the beating heart of the new university wharenui and the broader complex of The Pā.

The Pā will become a welcoming and vibrant part of the Hamilton campus, with food outlets, social and learning spaces, and a new University marae. Site preparations will begin later this month, with construction starting in March 2020. The Pā is set for completion by February 2022.

Read more about The Pā here: bit.ly...

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Tree stump grind

Margaret from Fairview Downs

Does anyone know or can recommend someone to remove one tree stump

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Dog Mauling Update - Council Response

Liz from Glenview

To start at beginning of this story please read www.neighbourly.co.nz...

Following a meeting with the deputy mayor we received response from Hamilton City Council Animal Control Unit saying a press release was planned. The following was released:

Controlling roaming dogs - Hamilton City Council

1:27PM, 10 January 2020

If you see a dog roaming in your neighbourhood - with no owner in sight - contact Hamilton City Council’s Animal Education and Control.

"Roaming dogs are an issue that is often overlooked. Usually people do not report roaming dogs until they have caused a problem," says Animal Education and Control Manager Susan Stanford.

"We encourage people to contact us as soon as they see one. We will track the dog down, pick it up and run the necessary checks, before having it returned to its owner if they can be located," says Ms Stanford.

The reinforcement of this message comes about following reported attacks on three domestic cats last month in Glenview, believed to have been done by two roaming dogs. In the past 12 months, there have been 2223 dogs reported roaming in Hamilton; 526 dogs were impounded, and Animal Control gave advice and education on roaming to 568 dog owners.

"Roaming dogs can pose a threat to themselves and others. A roaming dog may be stolen, injured, poisoned or killed. It could also injure another person or animal. A substantial number of dog attacks reported to the Council involve a roaming incident," says Ms Stanford.

Dogs that roam a lot increase the size of their territory and can become aggressive towards people or animals that encroach on it.

"Ultimately if a dog can get out and wander, it will. Dogs roam because owners provide the opportunity for it to do so - not ensuring gates are closed and secured and/or the fencing is inadequate to contain the dog, some dogs can clear a six-foot fence," says Ms Stanford.

"Is it the responsibility of the owner to keep their dogs contained, registered and microchipped, so if they do get out and are found they can be quickly reunited with their owner," says Ms Stanford.

"Our priority is to limit the number of roaming dogs across the city and we appreciate the assistance of the public to help us do that."

Reporting a roaming dog

If you see a roaming dog, phone Hamilton City Council Animal Education and Control on 07 838 6632 and one of our Animal Education and Control Officers will collect the dog and either return it to its owner or take the dog to the safety of our kennel facility.

Hamilton City Council

R.I.P. Ibanez
You will be forever mourned.

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Water usage high in Hamilton!

The Team from Hamilton City Council

With our January outdoor water use up 30% on last year, Hamiltonians are urged to be mindful of their water usuage to avoid further water restrictions. Sprinkler monitors are now out and about and anyone who notices water being wasted is encouraged to report it.