32 days ago

Poll: Was the $19k Hamilton City Council team talk a good use of ratepayers' money?

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Morning neighbours,

Hamilton City Council staff have been treated to a $19k mass team talk at Claudelands Event Centre. It featured motivational speakers and a 25-minute acrobatic performance from circus company The Dust Palace.

Chief executive Richard Briggs defended the spend.

"Old school thinking is you don't spend any money on your staff and you expect them to just show up to work and go hard," he said after the event.

"New school thinking is you've got to give them some purpose for being here, and today was all about understanding that purpose and improving the wellbeing of the community."

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Was the $19k Hamilton City Council team talk a good use of ratepayers' money?
  • 30.2% Yes
    30.2% Complete
  • 60.7% No
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  • 9.1% I'm ambivalent
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5 days ago

Our beloved Municipal Pools

Dianne from Hamilton East

Today, I happened to glance at a copy of Waikato Times and lo and behold, most of the front page was dedicated to council declaring what a wonderful vista it will be when the 'derelict' municipal pools are demolished. I was astounded. I am almost certain that supporters of the revitalisation of the pools have never been given the same space and privilege of being on the Front Page. Where is the fair play here? The impartiality ? These pools have been with us for over 100 years, and are one, if not the only concrete outside pool, of its type in New Zealand. They have been the making of many memories for thousands of Hamiltonians and others over the years and yet The Waikato Times and other media sources have chosen to give very little support to the pools. Please people email council, even now at the 11th hour, your voice, our voices could make the difference!

22 hours ago

Challenge the unspoken rules

White Ribbon

A challenge facing too many young men is the sense that they have to live up to the unspoken rules of masculinity – clichés such as “boys don’t cry” and “toughen up”.

White Ribbon encourages everyone to challenge the unspoken rules, so we can let boys and young men enjoy their individuality and define themselves as men who have respectful relationships with themselves and their partners – creating happier, healthier communities for us all.
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1 day ago

Pacific Rose Bowl festival, Hamilton Gardens, From 10am in the Conference centre

Dianne from Hamilton East

Do you want to be assailed by the scent and sight of that most glorious flower, the Rose? Well come on down to the above (located opposite the toilets in the main entrance) and be delighted by the myriad of shapes, sizes and colours of hundreds of Roses.
And if you should want to acquire a Rose; Roach's for Roses are there to assist you, with a range of Patio Standards, Miniature and Bush roses. If you cant find a particular rose, we might have it at our Nursery......so come on down for the day and then make your way to the Rogers Rose garden where judging of the best Rose will be made and announced.