52 days ago

Any cheap place to replace car tires

Subash from Maeroa

hello everyone,
does anyone know any good and cheap place to replace the back tires of a car?

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3 hours ago

Facebook Business Page and Competiton

Yvette from Nawton

Hi I have just launched my brand new Facebook page and i am going to be filling it with helpful advice around health and safety. I would love for you to give me a cheeky like and follow as an incentive everyone who likes my page before 30 April 2020 goes into the draw to win $50
. T & C apply.


I would like to reach 500 likes by the end of the month and look forward to hearing from you relating to my blogs.

1 day ago


John from Fairfield

It is absolutely deplorable that Waikato Police had to turn around 20% of vehicles of people breaking the lockdown due to Covid - 19. As an over 70 year old wanting to get things done around the house and not able to leave the property I find that these people want to stretch out the lock down period and then lose their livelihoods to be totally irresponsible. The Police need to throw the book at them because this is inexcusable.

7 hours ago

Do you know the latest regulations?

Lodge City Rentals

This is a challenging time to understand your rights and responsibilities as a landlord. Are you familiar with the latest regulations?

Put your knowledge to the test, and if you find yourself stumped, give our property management team a call, they are up to date on all the latest regulations and can help you navigate this time.

So contact Wesley and put him to the test.

Mobile 021 455 679 | Email wesleyl@lodge.co.nz
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