81 days ago

Nine 1997 editions of Craccum (Auckland University student mag)

Cordwainer from Melville

Nine 1997 editions of Craccum, Auckland University student magazine

40 pages each, excellent condition.

Feature articles on:
Rugby and alcohol
Student loans: declare yourself bankrupt
Red Nose Day Shame
Late night comedy lounge
Dirty Mind test
Auckland music scene
Guide to minimising drug risks
Women's guide to driving men crazy

Price: $8

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6 minutes ago

roofing scam

Mick from Glenview

Just a word of warning. I got home to find a quote on my doorstep from a sales rep for Edwards & Hardy by the name of Tarun Sehrawat Telling me that I have lichen and moss growing on my "Tile Roof " that is going to cause rust. He will fix it for $395. Just a couple of problems here.
1... I don't have a tile roof
2.... I was on my steel roof over the Christmas break and I saw no moss or lichen.
3... His company tell me that there reps are not allowed to use ladders so how did he check my roof?
So be warned ,If this guy knocks on your door send him away
Just because he works for a well known company does not make him an honest person. I hope he does not catch out any of our older family so please warn them.

5 hours ago

Seeking accommodation

Dianne from Fairfield

Hi I have recently come into care of my youngest grand daughter 20mths and need to find emergency accommodation for myself and her as we currently live in our family home with my sisters adult family and my teenage children which is making for an unsafe placement so I need to find somewhere for just her and I as I would hate to lose her can anyone out there help please thank you

3 hours ago

Join our new Waikato parenting group...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi neighbours! Join our new Waikato Parenting Group - a safe place to connect with other parents, grandparents and guardians. Use the Group to organise coffee catch ups and playdates - and to share advice, tips and tricks for growing happy little neighbours. (There’ll even be chances to win great prizes) Join now