89 days ago

ps2 or backwards compatable ps3

Tamar from Chartwell

hi i want play the games champion of norrath and lotr the third age. I have the discs i brought a ps2 but graphics really bad keep cutting out, it might be cord (ive brought a new isnt here yet) but think its the actual console so i want replace it. anyone got something they can sell me to allow me to play these two games hit me up, keen buyer lol

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2 hours ago

Join our new Waikato parenting group...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi neighbours! Join our new Waikato Parenting Group - a safe place to connect with other parents, grandparents and guardians. Use the Group to organise coffee catch ups and playdates - and to share advice, tips and tricks for growing happy little neighbours. (There’ll even be chances to win great prizes) Join now

4 hours ago

Seeking accommodation

Dianne from Fairfield

Hi I have recently come into care of my youngest grand daughter 20mths and need to find emergency accommodation for myself and her as we currently live in our family home with my sisters adult family and my teenage children which is making for an unsafe placement so I need to find somewhere for just her and I as I would hate to lose her can anyone out there help please thank you

8 days ago

Have you experienced Readers Tours? We'd love your feedback

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If you have been on a journey with Readers Tours we would love to hear your feedback and share your experience with others.

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