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Poll: What are your petrol buying habits?

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Kia ora neighbours,

We're keen to hear from you about where you buy petrol/diesel and why.

In the run up to the long weekend families will be fueling up and heading to their favourite holiday spots, but who's making the most of their dollar at the pump?

If you'd like to talk about your petrol habits for a story, please email jo.lines-mackenzie@stuff.co.nz or call her on 027-5931691.

What are your petrol buying habits?
  • 38% I fill up at the most convenient spot
    38% Complete
  • 32.2% I hunt out the cheapest price
    32.2% Complete
  • 28.3% I rely on member discounts
    28.3% Complete
  • 1.5% I stock up and store fuel when the price is right
    1.5% Complete
205 votes
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2 hours ago

He has my vote

Paul from Pukete

He has my vote

Equity requires both parties to be equal across all things that is inclusive of the effort required to achieve it

Government spending

So more Government (taxpayers) money injected into helping more Maori get vaccinated? What exactly happens to the billions generated by Maori Enterprises such as Hamilton’s ‘The Base’, Fisheries etc? I would have thought that these profits would have been generated ‘By Maori - For Maori’.

Why then when our country of five million is struggling and borrowing billions every week is it pouring millions of dollars into one sector of our population — who are already receiving the same as everyone else — when, as the Prime Minister has stated repeatedly, ‘We are all in this together?’

What ever happened to the concept put forward by Maori leaders, that We are building these enterprises ‘To help our People’? I’m afraid I can’t see any help forthcoming in housing or health unless that help comes from the Government in the form of more taxpayer money.

It is about time for Maori leaders to step up and be leaders, get real and join the rest of us in the 21st Century and stop blaming ‘colonisation’ for all of their woes.

Most Maori work hard in the same type jobs as the rest of the population, earn the same low wages, have families, buy homes with the same mortgages, go to the same schools, the same hospitals all paid for by the same taxes. Let’s live together under the same rules.

Tom Grason (Ngati Maniapoto), Matamata

13 hours ago

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