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Bookkeeping services

Lornae from The Bookkeeping Partners Limited

Tired of going home each night to complete your bookkeeping? Let us help you with that so you can have more time to do the things that you love to do. You can find us at www.bkpartners.co.nz...
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🏑 JUST LISTED 🏑 1 Shaun Lane

Tim from Pukete

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divergent impacts

Paul from Pukete

The first run of a new passenger rail service wasn't as smooth as anticipated after children threw rocks at the train.

The new rail service train Te Huia, which will operate from Waikato to Auckland, was making its way through Ngaruawahia on its maiden test run to Papakura on Monday when rocks were thrown at it.

The window was toughened glass, which shattered but held, and while the financial cost was small, throwing rocks at trains was an unacceptable and irresponsible act, a KiwiRail spokesman said. Residents on a Ngaruawahia social media page expressed their frustration at this happening in their community. β€œWe as a community should not tolerate this type of behaviour as it impacts on us all.

Completely correct you change behaviour by changing consequence, find them and discipline them harshly

It is becoming very hard to be not surprised at this level of destruction that is caused by residents in this town that houses the Maori king. The reason the window was broken was not because of the ancestral skill of the inhabitants who made the moa extinct but the train has to go slow because they do not want to kill children jumping off the rail bridges. Lives have been lost over time on this bridge discipline your children or divert the line down the expressway away from the problem

The lives of your mukapuna and tameriki matter, BLM, all lives matter


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We say, You Say: Roadworks

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Kia ora Hamilton,

Road improvements are currently underway to upgrade Palmerston Street in the Hamilton CBD.

For the next two months, road rebuilds and safety improvements will be undertaken, with features designed to encourage safe driving and minimise excessive speed. Around 8800 cars pass through the street during peak times with 24 crashes reported in the past five years.

Which roads in your area need work done?

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