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4 days ago

Water usage high in Hamilton!

The Team from Hamilton City Council

With our January outdoor water use up 30% on last year, Hamiltonians are urged to be mindful of their water usuage to avoid further water restrictions. Sprinkler monitors are now out and about and anyone who notices water being wasted is encouraged to report it.

4 hours ago

Garage Door Opener

Patrick from Flagstaff

Found River Road Endeavour Road roundabout (Flagstaff Shops) Has numeral 9 and then 2 letters after that on back Can not load images, door opener is grey squarish box 10 x 6 x 2.5 cm , with large black round button top left of front Patrick 0274962301

8 hours ago

What's On: Glass Heart String Choir (Seattle)

Brooke from Brooklyn

Seattle's Glass Heart String Choir are a classically trained duo, intertwining their love for baroque composition with folk, and pop influences. Don't miss them on their New Zealand tour.
Glass Heart String Choir (Seattle)
  • Nivara Lounge