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Poll: Are swear words no longer?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

In 2023, Apple amended its autocorrect function to allow Iphone users to freely use their intended word without mentioning 'ducks'. Is this a sign of the times? Are swear words no longer taboo in our communities or workplaces?

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Are swear words no longer?
  • 20.8% Yes - swear words don't phase me
    20.8% Complete
  • 48.5% No - it's still inappropriate to swear
    48.5% Complete
  • 30% It's depends on the word
    30% Complete
  • 0.8% Other - I'll share below!
    0.8% Complete
2899 votes
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For a bit of fun...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

What old products do you miss? Some products do become part of your life, whether it's just a treat you have at the cinema or your favourite breakfast spread.

Do you have a childhood memory to share? Let us know below what products you still think of fondly!

1 day ago

Save Our Suburbs Meeting.

Margaret Louise from Frankton

Wednesday 17 July 2024 at 6.30pm
Waimarie Community House
at 53 Wellington Street Hamilton East.

Major change has been proposed in two Hamilton council plan changes-called Enabling -
i.e. Intensification ( P/C 12 ) as result of the National policy Statement on Urban Development,
and in Historic Heritage ( P/C 9)
The character and identity of Hamilton’s suburbs will be affected.
HCC have said the existing district plan already allows for sufficient new housing.
Do you know about HUGS (Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy)?
The changes in P/C 12 will affect Hamilton’s suburbs for years to come and will take affect
which includes three storey housing developments and above across new medium and high density
zones of the city with limited resource consent. Recently the proposed rules have been changed
again with heights increased in medium (3 – 5 storeys) and high (26 meters and above)
If you are interested in knowing more or joining with others who have submitted
to these plan changes you are welcome to attend.
In conjunction with:
Waikato Heritage
Hamilton East Advocacy Team (HEAT),
Waimarie Community House &
Frankton East Residents Group

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Enjoy fragrant lilies thanks to NZ Gardener

NZ Gardener

This July, NZ Gardener has teamed up with NZ Bulbs to offer you a FREE pack of mixed oriental lily bulbs when you purchase a 1 or 2-year magazine subscription*. Your bulbs will be sent out in late August, the perfect time to plant in time to have fragrant Christmas flowers.

With a subscription to NZ Gardener, you’ll enjoy professional and inspirational garden advice, convenient monthly delivery to your home, exclusive subscriber-only discounts, big savings off the retail price, PLUS subscribe before 28 July to enjoy free lily bulbs! *T&Cs apply.
Find out more