40 days ago

Do you think Waiuku could get a wind farm?

Libby Totton Reporter from Waikato Times

A proposal to build 13 giant wind turbines up to 190m high on north Waikato coastal land has shocked locals who said they had been blind-sided by the plans which were “fast tracked“ under the Covid-19 Recovery Act.

The Waiuku Wind Farm proposal is being assessed by an independent panel of experts after it was cleared for fast-tracking by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in December last year.

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4 days ago

Hamilton City Council - more overspending

Irene from Forest Lake

The current council and its elected councillors are deteriorating in their performance. The recent planned $700k debacle to relocate a bus stop in Anglesea St, which fortunately will not be proceeding, the costly Glenview bus stop issue to rectify, and now the proposed rate increase highlight mismanagement. Using the rates' calculator, our personal rates will surge by $517 next year, followed by $484 the subsequent year, and an additional $558 the third year, totalling a staggering $1,559 increase over three years. This burden falls heavily, especially on pensioners, and there's no guarantee that future councils won't impose further hikes.

Therefore, it's appalling to learn that our Mayor plans to attend ANZAC commemorations in Ypres, Belgium, this year. Couldn't a Zoom meeting suffice? This isn't a fact-finding mission to improve fiscal responsibility or address ratepayer concerns. It's an unnecessary expense. Will she travel economy class, or indulge in premium economy or business class comforts? Is she alone, or is there an entourage? It's us, the ratepayers, funding this European trip, while we're being told to reduce our carbon footprint by walking or biking, and roads are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. If this trip is so imperative, shouldn't she cover the expenses herself?

I deeply regret supporting this council in the last elections. As the next elections approach (believed to be next year). Let's hope for fresh faces around the table and some common-sense.

Submissions for the local plan close on April 21st, and completion is critical. We need to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear. It has never been more crucial!


5 days ago

Are you a first home buyer?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Are you a first home buyer? Is your mortgage going up and up with rising interest rates and you’re now struggling to make ends meet? Have you lost the ability to save any extra cash?

We’re reaching out from the Tova show, the flagship weekly politics podcast on Stuff, as we prepare a special episode on the interest rate crunch and how it’s affecting Kiwis - we’d love to hear your stories.

Please comment below if you would like to share your story, or email tova@stuff.co.nz. We give you our commitment to treat your experience with sensitivity and care.

1 day ago

Did you stay in any of your jobs for 25 years?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

When Susan Hassall was young women did “teaching or nursing“.

Fortunately, she loved teaching. She’s now both sad and excited to retire after a quarter-century as Hamilton Boys’ High School headmaster.