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See You At The Great NZ Food Show

The Great NZ Food Show

Hey neighbours - Waikato’s favourite food and drink showcase is returning to Claudelands Events Centre, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July. The two-day event is set to turn up the heat this winter, thanks to the line-up of cooking demonstrations, delectable edibles and amazing show-only specials.

Enjoy celebrity chefs, inspiring cooking classes and local and recognised exhibitors. Take time to talk to the owners and artisan producers to learn more about how your food is produced. Touch, smell and taste the goods, and take home your favourite show-only specials. Discover, indulge, learn and be inspired at The Great NZ Food Show!

Grab your tickets now. Buy 1 get 1 half price with the code NEIGHBOUR.
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What's On: Harmony Chorus

Tui from Nawton

Our un-auditioned choir meets weekly. If you love singing, come and join us to sing an eclectic array of pieces.
Harmony Chorus
  • St Luke's Church
14 hours ago

Take a Seat in the Waikato Regional Theatre!

Momentum Waikato

Momentum Waikato has launched the Take a Seat campaign – your chance to support the new Waikato Regional Theatre, the exciting new performing arts centre being built in the South End of Hamilton’s CBD.

Donate $1500 to the Theatre and you or your family’s name, or your business or group’s title, will be displayed on a seat in its auditorium.

If you support this exciting vision and you live anywhere in the Waikato, then please do Take a Seat in the new Waikato Regional Theatre!

Click Take A Seat to find out more.
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How to Care for Your Washing Machine

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Hamilton

Looking after your washing machine will maximise its life and performance.
Our member surveys indicate that the average life expectancy of a top loader is seven years, and 12 for a front loader. A little care and maintenance can go a long way, so here are some tips to help you get the most from your washer.

Watch out for keys and coins
Keys and coins kill washing machines. Check pockets before washing, and look for dirt and objects left in the drum, or hidden in the rubber seals after each wash.

Check your pump filter
Many washing machines have these as a last line of defence against foreign objects. Look for a small hatch low down on the outside of your machine. Check this monthly and clear anything that shouldn’t be in there — use a towel or tray to catch the water when you open it up. If your machine isn’t draining, this is the first thing to check before calling for a repair.

Limit your washer's spin speed
Keep this to 1200rpm, even if your machine goes up to 1400 or even 1600rpm. Higher speeds reduce the life of belts, drum bearings and door seals, without removing much more water.

Don’t use fabric softener with laundry detergent
Fabric softeners react to create a waxy residue called “scrud”. No one wants “scrud” – especially as it clings to unseen parts of the machine, such as under the agitator. If blobs break free, they can leave greasy marks on laundry.

Regularly clean the detergent dispenser
Check the manual to see how to remove it, and wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water.

Clean the door seal
Remove water from the door seal after each wash (if you notice mould, wipe the rubber seal with hot water and detergent). Between washes, leave the door and detergent dispenser open – that lets the interior dry.

Use the service cycle
Many machines have a specific “service” or “cleaning” cycle. It helps your machine smell fresh, prevents detergent build-up, and keeps it cleaning at its best.

If your machine doesn’t have a service cycle, run a hot wash with a full-strength powder detergent once a month.
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