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Changing Seasons!

Climate Insights - Waikato

Hi Neighbours,
As we approach summer we are reminded of the change we are seeing in our New Zealand seasons.

We can all recall the images of the impacts of extreme recent rains in urban Auckland and rural Canterbury. As summer temperatures warm and the season gets longer and longer, the cooling degree day analysis and heatwave days can help you to prepare for such events.

Climate Insights has added two new variables to its Residential Property Climate Risk Report: tropical cyclone and tsunami risk. Information is knowledge. A Climate Insights property report on your residential property also includes tips on what can be done to improve the resilience of your property and householders to emerging weather and climate risks. It only takes minutes to generate a report for any address.

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5 hours ago

3 fluffy ginger kittens FREE NOW TO FORVER LOVING HOMES

Michelle from Saint Andrews

i have 3 loud healthy vocal ginger kittens FREE to FOREVER LOVING HOMES mother cat is a pale ginger female with amazing pale turquoise blue eyes so kittens eyes may stay blue like their mumma cat, they are weaned drinking water + kitten milk formula and eating soft, soild meats even munching through cat biscuits they are full on and full of fun and adventure if you think you would like one of these beautiful intelligent fluffy ginger kittens please ring MICHELLE on HAMILTON (07) 8497744 they were born on the 5th of december they are very quick now and climbing i will only release them to dedicated cat lovers they are so beautiful it's really hard to part with them, they are ready to go to their forever homes NOW!

14 hours ago

Dispatch from Jerusalem

Beth Mather from Bridges For Peace New Zealand

Our first Dispatch from Jerusalem magazine and Teaching letters are now available online. www.bridgesforpeace.com...
www bridgesforpeace.com

If you would like a hard copy, please send us a message and we will post one to you.


Beth Mather


16 hours ago

Dance Scottish Hamilton Gardens

lochielscdclub@gmail.com from Lochiel Scottish Country Dance Club

We are dancing tonight 5pm - 7.30pm on the Round Lawn in front of the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion. You wont be able to join in this year, due to Covid-19 but we'd love you to enjoy watching us dance and listening to the great music. We pause for a picnic about 6pm.