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❤️🐈Cute Cat Bed Giveaway🐈❤️

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

With every purchase of BRAVECTO Cat Flea Treatment go into a draw for this cool bed your cat will love.💕

Bravecto or Bravecto Plus are a single flea or flea/worm treatment that lasts up to 3 months.

Now is a good time to check your pets are up to date with their flea control as fleas are loving this warm weather and they will love your pets even more!☀️

If you require any further information or would like to pick some Bravecto up, give our helpful team a call on 07 8492963. They can have your Bravecto treatment ready for you to collect.

🦠 Still being at Level 2 remember not to enter the clinic, please give us a ring when you arrive to let us know you are there.😀

Offer ends the 24th of March 2021, t&c’s apply, see in store for details.

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12 hours ago

WOOL WANTED for Knitting

Aaron from Chartwell

Does anyone have any wool they don't want that would be good for knitting. I have a client with health issues currently house bound and to keep them busy and their wellbeing focused on keeping positive they love knitting and are on a sickness benefit so finances are tight. So I am trying to see if anyone out there wants to get rid of any. Would appreciate.

3 hours ago

🐈World Vet Day - Saturday the 24th April 2021 🐕‍🦺

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

Tomorrow is World Vet Day 2021 and we are celebrating our incredible Vet Team and all vets worldwide. World Veterinary Day is an annual event that was created by the World Veterinary Association to promote and highlight the work performed by veterinarians around the world.

It is a day to remind ourselves of their remarkable dedication to animal health, care and welfare, so a Big Thank You to Dr Henri, Dr Nicole, Dr Stephen, Dr Simon, Dr Larry and our VRS Referral Surgeon Dr Ian Millward who between them bring you over 120 years of veterinary experience and knowledge.

Although difficult to accurately say, it is estimated that there are approximately 1.8 Million registered vets worldwide. So here are some pictures of our wonderful six in action!

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5 hours ago

The Big Iftar

Mirza from Chartwell

Kia Ora,
Assaliamo Alaikum,

I hope you’re well. 

To mark the blessed month of Ramadan, Mosques, and Islamic centres in New Zealand and across the globe will be opening their doors to the community and inviting everyone to share in the unique Ramadan experience. A time where Muslims strive to strengthen their relationship with God – their Creator and become more compassionate to those in need.

During Ramadan, Muslims wake up each day just before sunrise to pray and keep a fast. Throughout the day, Muslims across the world completely refrain from eating and drinking, until sunset. At sunset, Muslims break their fast, pray, eat, and drink with their families. In this month in particular, Muslims avoid partaking in anything that would be detrimental to their spiritual well-being, such as lying, quarrelling, swearing, and so on. 

Throughout the month of Ramadan fellow Kiwis will be given the opportunity to take part in the breaking of the fast – known as the ‘iftar’ – in Hamilton. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the significance of Ramadan, the fast and taste some delightful exotic treats and cuisines with your Muslim neighbours, friends, work colleagues and the wider community. 
We believe that there is no better way of breaking barriers and forming friendships than by sharing a meal together. 

While we reflect on the Islamic principles of togetherness and strengthening community ties during Ramadan, we know that there is no better time to reach out to our neighbours and strengthen our ties.

I would like to warmly invite you to break bread with us as we celebrate our shared values during the blessed month of Ramadan. All the details are on the poster attached in this email. Please if you could RSVP as well.

Nāku noa, nā

Sabah Al-Zafar


@SabahAlZafar  Ph: 027 290 5080