81 days ago

Stolen cat

Kc from Nawton

Looking for help and advice. I am looking after a family members cat while they are overseas (it's their young daughters actually). Anyway, my neighbour has in effect 'stolen' the cat, it started with it going missing for a couple of days, we went looking for it, then I saw a child who was visiting her house come out holding the cat. My husband and I went over and spoke to her about it and she all but made out that she would be keeping him. I explained to her that it belongs to my family member and said it would be going back home (out of town) on their arrival back in NZ. She basically said she would keep feeding it if she saw it which we said well no now you know its got a home (which I am sure she knew already) please don't encourage it. So then it was coming back home then all of a sudden its gone again, she keeps locking it in her house. My husband went over there tonight to talk to her again and reminded her that we are looking after it and it will be going back to its owners and she told him no that it wouldn't be it was hers now! So what can I do??

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7 hours ago

Poll: Should gas heaters be banned?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

A leaky gas heater sent six people from Melville to hospital - one in serious condition.

Firefighters were called to the smell of gas and found a leaky heater at the scene.

The poisoning has prompted calls to ban heaters like the one involved - something which has already happened in Canada and most of Europe.
(Note: the image of the heater is a file photo, to show the kind of heaters referred to.)
Do you think gas heaters should be banned?

Should gas heaters be banned?
  • 50% Yes, they're too dangerous.
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  • 50% No, people need to learn where and how to use them.
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  • 0% Other - explain in the comments.
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11 days ago

Which 'summer' are you having?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

It's been a mixed summer so far for New Zealand. Much of the country has seen record breaking temperatures, drought-conditions and scrub fires. But in recent days the West Coast and Southland have experienced heavy rains, flooding, evacuations and closed roads. Our thoughts are with affected.

Our skies have been coloured by smoke blown over from the Australian bushfires, meanwhile Wellingtonians are just stoked if they get to see the sun.

How has your summer been?

3 hours ago

New Council rubbish and recycling service

Paul from Queenwood

There have been quite a few questions and comments on Neighbourly recently about the new service.
This link may help answer some of those questions including regularity of collection etc etc.
Hope that helps.