111 days ago

Pregnant driver forced off road

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Hi neighbours,

How's this for bad driving - Nickoll Joubert, who is 28-weeks pregnant with twin boys, was taking her normal driving route from Matamata to Walton when she was forced to take evasive action.

An oncoming driver's poorly-timed overtaking maneuver left her with no option but to pull over and avoid a crash.

Now she's urging people to stay cool behind the wheel.

Have you witnessed a shocker on the roads recently?

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4 hours ago

What's On: TAI CHI for Falls Prevention

Eddie from Hamilton Lake

TAIJI4WELLNESS. You can trust an exercise program that's BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN YOU HAVE. Mayo Clinic & Harvard Medical School calls Tai Chi “medication in motion." Join us. taichi9000@yahoo.co.nz Ph0212882380
TAI CHI for Falls Prevention
  • St Albans Church Hall
11 days ago

Policing wheelie-bins

John from Dinsdale


This is an interesting article as we in Hamilton will soon be starting to use wheelie-bins

1 day ago

House wanted to buy.

Stuart from Nawton

Is anybody thinking of selling their house in Hamilton?
My daughter is looking at buying.
Its a private sale so you will not have any agents fees.