52 days ago

DJ cd turntable

Mike from Fairfield

tired in working for someone ?or just want to make some extra money in the weekends ? this DJ cd turntable may be the answer to your finances, it has been proven that some people can make their weekly wage in a weekend with just a couple of gigs.The better you get the more you make This is a Numark which is a very good brand as well as a popular make these things go for $500 upwards and make their money back in no time at all. I am selling this one on behalf for just $250

Price: $250

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2 days ago
1 hour ago

Sirens late last night 🚨

Tim from Pukete

Did anyone hear all the sirens going late last night? Anyone know what it was heard a big crash noise around Pukete area!

1 hour ago

What type of wasp?

The Team from Wasp Wipeout

Hi everyone, today we are linking to two stories, one which explains the paper wasp which we find in abundance in urban areas, and the other which talks about the common and German wasp which dominates our forests and recreational areas. We'll also talk about how to deal with these nasty predators. If you destroy a nest, take a pic and upload your image with the hastag #waspwipeout! But be careful! For paper wasps click here: bit.ly... For common and German wasps click here: bit.ly...