52 days ago

Universal 10" tablet Folio

Mike from Fairfield

these Tablet Folios are brand new,still in their boxes they can hold 8 to 10" with no problem and are excellent for home use and work.With kids being allowed to take their devices to school these days it can be reassuring that their tablet isnt just being thrown into their school bag without any protection.They are worth $40 plus in a store i have 3 cream and 1 purple all must go as am selling on behalf

Price: $20

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8 hours ago

Sirens late last night 🚨

Tim from Pukete

Did anyone hear all the sirens going late last night? Anyone know what it was heard a big crash noise around Pukete area!

2 days ago
5 hours ago

Parcel Post deliveries

John from Fairfield

For four years I have had the same problem. When I am sent a parcel on Parcel Post it always gets left at a neighbouring property. My letterbox is at the entrance to my property and my neighbours property has a letterbox about fifteen metres away. So my driveway is very clear that it serves one house only. I have complained to NZPost in the past about this and always been assured that it will never happen again, BUT IT DOES EVERYTIME. They promised to talk to their driver and then get back to me BUT HAVEN'T. They are gutless . WHY was parcel post tracked parcel not delivered at 10-44am this morning but instead to the neighbouring property. Parcel tracking number 159-157-765 and my cell phone number is 0274 898 075 if you want to take some responsibility for your abysmal management NZ Post then an apology may be a good start.