34 days ago

Would boarding houses help ease homelessness?

Libby Wilson Reporter from Hamilton Press

Peter Humphreys thinks so, and he's spent the past 11 years managing nightshelters in Hamilton.

"There was a paternal or maternal person running it, and they'd keep an eye on [residents], and they'd have a community," he said, "if they misbehaved they were told off, and hygiene was kept up."

Humphreys is about to step down after spending more than a decade of helping people who wouldn't otherwise have a place to sleep. Read more here.

What do you think would help people who are homeless in Hamilton?

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8 hours ago

Stay off my driveway it's not a public carpark

Emily from Nawton

I close my front gates when I finish work each day I seem to be getting some cheeky buggars who think it's ok to open up my big front gates in the afternoon and leave their cars parked on my driveway whislt they go and collect their kid from Nawton Primary School and blocking my entrance from getting in to my place and my neighbor's place I share my driveway with my neighbor, from now on I'll be contacting William Salvage tow trucks to remove them off my property, I should not have to padlock my front gate.

6 hours ago

What's On: Santa's Workshop

Brett from Hamilton East

Learn how to make wooden toys each Thursday in September on a keep one, leave one for the Salvation Army to give away basis. $30 fee. Phone Arie 0226744347
Santa's Workshop
  • Hamilton Men's Shed
1 day ago

Does Hamilton need a $79.3m theatre?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi neighbours - the theatre, set to be situated on Victoria Street, will be an "enabler for economic development", and will be shared with meeting rooms, a restaurant/cafe and five star hotel.

What do you think of this investment? Is it what Hamilton needs or should money be allocated elsewhere first?
Read more here