57 days ago

Poll: Does Santa Claus have to be a man?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Rodney Times

The role of Santa Claus in this year's Orewa Santa Parade was advertised online, with organisers adamant the person in the big red suit could only be a man. Should a man be the only gender to to fill Santa's boots?


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Does Santa Claus have to be a man?
  • 90% Yes - Santa is a man
    90% Complete
  • 10% No - anyone can be Santa
    10% Complete
130 votes
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9 hours ago

Bit on the side...

The Team from Resene ColorShop Whangarei

Make this easy rustic side table and paint in your favourite tonal Resene colours.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself

1 day ago

Poll: Do you support a sugar tax?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Rodney Times

Hi neighbours, an international report has ranked NZ's child obesity rate second-worst in the OECD with 39 per cent of Kiwi kids overweight or obese. Unicef is now calling for the Government to introduce a sugar tax to curb the problem. Would you support this? What do you think needs to be done about child obesity? Read the full story here: www.stuff.co.nz...

Do you support a sugar tax?
  • 32.6% Yes
    32.6% Complete
  • 26.1% No, the Government shouldn't police what people eat
    26.1% Complete
  • 41.3% No, education would be more effective than a tax
    41.3% Complete
  • 0% Other (I'll tell you in the comments)
    0% Complete
46 votes
1 day ago

What's On: Come Dancing

Chris from Central Whangarei

Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence dancing till 11.30pm. Great Music. Great Supper. All welcome. Enquiries Ph 4300089 or www.instepdance.co.nz
Come Dancing
  • Instep Dance Studio