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What low lifes!

Tara from Aranui

Who goes and steals from a public children's play ground! 2nd time this has happened at the bexley park! Really pisses me off for some selfish *BEEP* to think their children deserve this stuff over the community and then STEALING it what WRONG message their teaching their kids 🤬

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Specials this week at Opawa vege shop (Shop1-124 Opawa RD) - Thank you for viewing

Yue from Opawa Fruit & Vegetable Shop

NZ Watermelon $3.99/ea (while stock last)
loose peach/nectarine/Plums $3.99/kg
600gm NZ Plums $1.99/bag
Mango $1.69/ea
800gm Lemons $4.99/bag
NZ Oranges $2.99/kg
1.5kg nz oranges $3.49/bag
NZ Royal Gala/ NZ Beauty Apples New season Apples $2.99/kg
1.5kg NZ Royal Gala Apples New season Apples $3.99/bag
blueberry $2.99/punnet or 2 for $4.99
NZ Grapefruit $2.99/kg
pears $3.99/kg
Large Kiwifruit $6.99/kg
Avocados(medium) $0.79/EA or 5pk Avocados $2.99/bag
Extra Large Avocado $2.49ea or 2 for $3.99

Sweet corns $0.89ea or 5 for $3.99
Broccoli $0.99/ea
Red Large Capsicums $0.99ea
Large size Short Cucumber $0.99ea
Iceburg Lettuce $1.69/ea
Fancy Lettuce $1.99ea
Cherry tomatoes $2.99/punnet
1kg table carrots $1.99/bag
1.5kg New season Onions $3.49/bag
celery $2.99/pack
Pre-bagged nz Beans $1.99/bag
Courgettes $4.99/kg or $1.99/bag
Kumara $3.99/kg
Spring Onion $1.99/bunch
450gm Chinese garlics $2.99/bag

5kg new season Nadine washed $7.99/bag
5kg new season Agria $7.99/bag
new season Spuds (Agria/ Ilam Hardy/Nadine/Rocket) $2.99/kg
1kg Gourmet New spuds $2.50/bag
2kg Van Rosa $2.99/bag

2L Caw&Gate milk $2.99/Bottle
Dole Canned fruit 410gm (fruit Salads / peach/pear) $0.99ea

Thank you

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Water restrictions for Christchurch to protect firefighting supplies

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Water restrictions have been introduced in Christchurch to ensure there are enough supplies to fight fires.

The ban, the lowest of four levels, means water cannot be used outside between 3pm and 9pm, with use of hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems allowed only on alternate days.

People living at odd-numbered addresses should water gardens on odd dates, even-numbered houses on even dates.

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