62 days ago

Any interest in a Gardener's Interest Group?

Bev Adams from Woolston Development Project

Just wondering how much interest there would be for interest group held here at Woolston Development Project Hall on Ferry Rd, Woolston? It would be great if there experienced gardener's as well as some just starting out. This group could meet weekly or fortnightly to share information and worthwhile gardening tips, perhaps invite a guest speaker now and then about a topic of common interest to the group, maybe an occasional visit to a worthy garden could be arranged.......Have I peaked your interest? Let me know and if there is enough interest we could have an initial meeting to get it started. Bev 3894448 or w.dp@xtra.co.nz or reply on here.

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1 day ago

What do you think of Christchurch's stadium plan?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch's roofed 25,000-seat stadium could be ready within five years but the pressure is now on to get it planned and built right.

The city council's long-awaited investment case says a 25,000 seat mostly clear-roofed facility is the best fit for the city, and could be built within the budgeted $473 million, including running costs. Temporary seating was not included but could be added later.

The chosen option would cost $472.7m to build and $485.3m to run over 25 years, of which $343m would be funded by stadium income, with an annual $4.2m council top-up.

Read more about the plan here.

7 hours ago

Belt for Girls Jeans

Gareth from Burwood

Hi my 8 yr old girl wants a belt for her jeans...
One would think simple...most shops should sell them... but no...
Tried warehouse...glassons....postie plus....kmart... and various others..
Does anyone know where I can get one that would suit an 8 yr old girl?

3 hours ago

Specials this week at Opawa vege shop (Shop1-124 Opawa RD) - Thank you for viewing

Yue from Opawa Fruit & Vegetable Shop

large mango $2.99/ea
NZ breburn Apples $1.99/kg
400gm Stonefruits (Nectarin&Apricot mixed) $2.99/bag
1.5kg nz oranges $1.99/bag
NZ Strawberry $2.49/punnet or 2 for $3.99
Avocados(medium) $0.79/EA
5pk Avocados $2.99/bag
Extra Large Avocado $1.99ea or 2 for $2.99
Bagged Mandarins $2.99/bag
Bagged NZ Lemons 600gm $2.99/bag
1.5kg nz Apples $3.99/bag
Large pomegranate $3.99/ea
NZ Grapefruit $2.99/kg

New Season Seet corns $$2.49/ea or 2 for $3.99
Asparagus $2.49/bunch or 2 for $3.99
short Cucumber $0.99/ea
Telegragh Cucumber $1.99/ea
capsicums $0.99/ea or $3.99/bag
Fancy Lettuce $1.99/ea
bagged courgette $2.99/bag
1kg table carrots $1.99/bag
1.5kg onion $1.99/bag
450gm Chinese garlics $2.50/bag
Cabbage or Cauliflower $3.99/ea

10kg Rua Potato $4.99/bag
new season Agria/ Ilam Hardy/Nadine $2.99/kg

2L Caw&Gate milk $2.99/Bottle
Dole Canned fruit 410gm (fruit Salads / peach/pear) $0.99ea

Thank you