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Jean from Linwood

Hi Everyone,
We are enjoying the leadership of our new Music Director, Henry, a young man who joined us in February this year, and who is so easy to work with, and such a great asset to our choir. We recently performed our first concert with Henry, and have had very encouraging feedback from members of the audience on how much they enjoyed the concert.

But, it’s your turn now! How would you like to join our choir, the RISINGHOLME SINGERS, and be part of our “merry band of singers”. Yes, we are a very friendly bunch of people, where all new members are always made very welcome. We are a 4-part non-auditioned community choir of some 28 members, but would like to add to our little group. We are now working on our Christmas concert, and are enjoying every minute.

We are therefore now looking for new members, particularly Tenors, and although it is not essential to be able to read music (although it helps!), as long as you can sing in tune, you would be most welcome to join us, as you would soon learn the music from our very helpful Henry.

We perform two or three concerts a year, and our music mostly consists of well-known pieces from movies, shows, hit records, some classical, etc., all of which we really enjoy singing.

We rehearse in the lounge of the Opawa Baptist Church every Monday evening, from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m., with a short break in between.

If you would be interested in joining us, and would like to come along at the next Monday evening rehearsal, please feel free to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact our President, Jill Willmott, on 388 3235 or at risingholmesingers@gmail.com

(You can view photos on the Risingholme Facebook page)

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Collect a bag of rubbish - and you could win prizes!


Too often we think that picking up litter is someone else’s job - but collecting rubbish is such a simple way we can help our community, the environment and our own health and wellbeing.

This is why Resene is proud to sponsor the “Walk & Collect Weekend” on December 7 and 8. Take a walk over the weekend and collect a bag of rubbish in your community - it's simple but with a collective effort can make a big difference.

It's free to participate and there are prizes to be won - including a $200 Resene Gift Card! Simply head to their event page and register your interest.
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Where community and staff come together

The Team from Ryman Healthcare Limited

A caring community is one that’s there for us in good times, and in our times of need. That’s the community Hoko and Glenda found at Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch.

“The staff are absolutely amazing,” explains Glenda. “They go out of their way to speak to you, to make sure you’re ok.”
Hoko and Glenda feel very fortunate for the support they received when Hoko experienced some health issues. It wasn’t just the village staff who provided support, the whole community rallied around them.
“When I got sick the community itself looked after me,” Hoko explains.
“I can’t speak highly enough of the staff here,” Glenda says.
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Jim from Woolston

early on Wednesday about 1am I noticed a woman in our street entering the houses and looking around etc. watched her for about 10 minutes she went into several properties, I phoned the police explained what was happening they were great took all the details and the description of the person and by the time we had finished our conversation after about 10 minutes watching and monitoring the lady whilst I was talking to the police operator the police car arrived at the end of our street and took it from there, I felt that they took my complaint seriously and acted as quickly as they could, I live in Brookhaven Woolston and the street we live in is not on the way to anywhere so the person was not there for anything else than no good. Luckily I am a late nighter usually about midnight -1am before I go to bed, if I had not witnessed this person who knows what might have happened.
It is the time of year that these people go out looking for opportunities, we need to make sure our homes are secure, locked gates, windows doors sheds etc and ensure there is nothing lying around that would tempt them to enter you property.