28 days ago

"Ladies Night" - Grab your friends for a fun night out......

Karen from Redwood

How to BE the best version of yourself
How to LOOK stylish without breaking the bank

Breens Intermediate Hall, 85 Breens Road
Tickets $20 - includes a welcome drink, nibbles, entertainment and a   great night out!
Email: psgbreens@gmail.com to purchase tickets

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3 hours ago

WATCH: Ditched city life for bus life

The Team from Play Stuff

Hi Neighbours, would you ditch city life to live on a custom made bus?

Amber and Andy ditched city life and quit their jobs after a near death experience during the Christchurch earthquake, to live in a bus with their children, Jake, 6, and Daisy, 4.

Play Now: play.stuff.co.nz...

1 day ago

Rates from 2004-5 to present mine almost tripled over 14 years

Brenda from Rangiora

AT the current rate more people are going to be homeless as wages have been holding steady.
From $1353.55 Council rates and environment canterbury
2019-2020 $3169.50 Waimakariri Councils
2018-2018 $290.00 Environment Canterbury not sure what these have gone up too. It is around $3500
What's happening to yours? I feel to halt COuncil excessive spending we need to halt rate increases till wages can catch up.

1 day ago

Power Company

Norm from Swannanoa - Ohoka

Discovered this hole in North Eyre Rd the other day and is the result of a power pole being removed and not filled in.
How dangerous is this seeing as it is public land and not private? I know if I done this I would end up in court and fined for leaving this in a dangerous position where the public can injure them selves, yet when you are the power company this seems to be okay. Yet the maintain on there website safety comes first??????