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Poll: Do you think the controversial Harewood Rd cycleway should go ahead?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

The final design of Christchurch’s most controversial cycleway will not be confirmed until next year as the council makes several changes following unprecedented community feedback.

Christchurch City Council plans to build a $19 million 4.5-kilometre cycleway on Harewood Rd has attracted 1348 submissions – more than any other cycleway in the city so far.

Plans released in January showed the council proposed to reduce Harewood Rd from four lanes to two to make way for cycle lanes, and install eight new traffic lights, including at the Breens/Gardiners intersection and at each end of the Bishopdale roundabout.

Do you think the cycleway should go ahead?

Do you think the controversial Harewood Rd cycleway should go ahead?
  • 13.6% Yes - we need it
    13.6% Complete
  • 84.7% No - it's unnecessary
    84.7% Complete
  • 1.7% I'm undecided
    1.7% Complete
177 votes
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New Zealanders are locking down their cats, for good

The Team Reporter from The Press

New Zealand is a nation of cat lovers, and increasingly – at least anecdotally – we’re keeping them inside.

Owners say welfare and conservation concerns are the main drivers; experts are cautious not to say too much, and cats are silent on the issue thus far.

What's worse — keeping a cat indoors 24/7, or letting it roam free where it will hunt birds, and possibly be injured?

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Meet your new neighbours, NZ Compare!

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Puzzle Answer

NumberWorks'nWords Burnside

The answer to the square puzzle is 30.