161 days ago

The office feels almost back to normal

Patrick Koot from Elusion Electrical Ltd

With Patrick out on a busy full day, the teens back to school. The office work was being hampered by 2 dogs and a Burmese cat sulking because the house is too quiet and demanding attention so we (animals and i) have made the executive decision for a little netflix binge in front of our lovely warm heat pump.

If your feeling cold on this miserable Autumn day start thinking about a new heat pump and or better lighting. We can remove your current worn out heat pump and install a new one or do a totally new install. Best of all we take away the old ones, decommison and as always recycle.

LEDs lighting also warms and brightens. You get more light for less power and they last far longer. We also use local Christchurch made lights, which is even better.

Feel free to ring Patrick in 021525123, email elusionelectrical@gmail.com. You can also google Elusion Electrical to find our website.

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3 days ago

Christchurch council takes hard line on recycling rule breakers

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Almost 1500 Christchurch households could soon have their recycling bins confiscated as the city council cracks down on people who refuse to separate their waste.

About 180 yellow wheelie bins have already been removed and the council has sent final warnings to another 1450 residents.

To get the bins back, they will have to pay $97.65 and sign a statement promising to abide by the rules. Their bins will be monitored to make sure they keep that promise.

Christchurch City Council has spent close to $1.5 million sending almost 1500 truckloads of contaminated material from yellow bins to landfill since May. That equates to about 41 per cent of all yellow bins.

Do you agree with council's strict recycling approach? Let us know below.

1 day ago

Cardiovascular Risk Screening

Katrina from Healthworks Pharmacy Ilam

Coronary heart disease and stroke is the Number 1 cause of death in NZ with 1 in 20 adults diagnosed.

Over 50% of hospitalisations with coronary artery disease (CAD)
have NORMAL cholesterol levels

There are significant, even lifesaving benefits in early detection of any issues with your heart and arteries.

Why is this test different?

This Gold Standard test uses the SphygmoCor® a scientifically validated TGA/FDA approved Pulse Wave Analyser (PWA), a non-invasive device, used in the top 20 hospitals in the USA. youtu.be...

This test not only looks at your Brachial (arm) blood pressure, it analyses your;

Central (aortic) heart pressure,
Peripheral (arteries) resistance,
Cardiac efficiency (SEVR) and
Abnormalities in heart rhythm (arrhythmia).

We will be able to show you an overview of your heart health and, if necessary, recommend very simple, achievable, pleasant, and low-cost ways to improve your heart health (think: “ increase your Omega 3”, “eat a piece of chocolate-a-day” type of interventions).

Book now,
Or call Katrina 02102319502

7 days ago

Sarah Pallett promises 'more inclusive' style after defeating Gerry Brownlee in Ilam

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

As she turned away from her roaring fans on Saturday night, Labour’s Sarah Pallett was at a loss for words when asked if she had dreamed of such a victory.

“I dared to hope – we dared to hope. It’s something that we put a lot of work into, and we’re obviously surprised and completely delighted.”

Pallett had just pulled off perhaps the most unlikely of election night coups – ousting National’s Gerry Brownlee to win Ilam, a seat the National grandee held since 1996.

Brownlee called her to concede victory about 10.30pm, leaving her with tears in her eyes and needing the steadying reassurance of campaign manager Megan Woods as the enormity of what had happened hit home.