21 days ago

Exciting times

Patrick Koot from Elusion Electrical Ltd

With the end of winter and springs new life changes, things are certainly moving forward in Elusions house hold.

We couldn't be more proud of our 16 year old who had her first ball recently and looked amazing! The same week she also nailed her learners licence and is on the count down to her trip to Germany CGHS, only 4 weeks now to go it all seams a little unreal.

Her last fundraising drive is on at the moment with stainless steel pegs. Her mum is definitely ready for a break from fundraising.

Back to the subject of the learners, we are keen that she learns in a manual so have started to keep an eye out for a cheap but reliable run around. It wouldn't be the best look to see Patricks Ute with all the signwriting bunny hopping around town. If anyone knows of one coming up over the next few months we would love it if you kept us in mind.

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1 hour ago

Document Shredding

Dianne from Upper Riccarton

Does anyone know of a community service for private household document shredding/destruction please?

2 hours ago

Experience Gets Results

Ray White Inline Realty - Bishopdale

Trust Steve Hansen to work with those who deliver.
Because when you choose Ray White Inline Realty, you choose impartial advice, expert market knowledge and a determination to get the best price for your home.

Thinking of buying or selling? Think 0800 YELLOW (0800 935 569)

4 days ago

BUYING MANNERS for Neighbourly BUY SELLS ..my experience

Kay from Papanui

Was selling an item for $20 on neighbourly. A person said great will collect it at 6.30pm. Never turns up and when I phoned at 7.30pm oh I’m home now so won’t be coming!!! Maybe will give it a miss!!! I said why did you not message me.... oh sorry.😈A heavy item moved out ready for pick up very frustrating time wasters. If you say you are buying something....pick it up at the agreed time or contact the seller with different arrangements. Happened several times, I think as no feedback like trade me often buyers just dont care if they muck sellers around.
Same sort of people have this problem of, time means nothing, or your word means nothing,
.Must just be old fashioned... 😎. What’s your experience.
We just withdrew it too much hassle.!!!!!