31 days ago

Half the Environment Canterbury council is standing again

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

It will be the first fully democratic Environment Canterbury (ECan) election for 12 years but only one councillor sacked by the National government in 2010 is keen to stand again.

Nominations for candidates for the seven regional constituencies closed on Friday yesterday at midday, with 39 received for the 14 positions at the council table.

Six of the 12 current councillors are standing again, but Rik Tindall is the only member of the regional council dismissed more than nine years ago willing to have another go.

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5 minutes ago

Experience Gets Results

Ray White Inline Realty - Bishopdale

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4 days ago

BUYING MANNERS for Neighbourly BUY SELLS ..my experience

Kay from Papanui

Was selling an item for $20 on neighbourly. A person said great will collect it at 6.30pm. Never turns up and when I phoned at 7.30pm oh I’m home now so won’t be coming!!! Maybe will give it a miss!!! I said why did you not message me.... oh sorry.😈A heavy item moved out ready for pick up very frustrating time wasters. If you say you are buying something....pick it up at the agreed time or contact the seller with different arrangements. Happened several times, I think as no feedback like trade me often buyers just dont care if they muck sellers around.
Same sort of people have this problem of, time means nothing, or your word means nothing,
.Must just be old fashioned... 😎. What’s your experience.
We just withdrew it too much hassle.!!!!!

25 minutes ago

replanting at Avonhead Cemetery

Aaron Campbell from Aaron Campbell - Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Board

Avonhead cemetery
An update from the council arborist they replaced the gum trees removed earlier in the year, with some 6 Wollemia nobilis near the registrar building.
Only known from fossils and thought to be extinct, these unusual trees were only discovered in the Blue Mountain National Park near Sydney in 1994.
They grouped these trees together to become a real highlight in the future.
They also planted a group of 6 NZ Mountain cedars (Libocedrus), also near the registrar, 4 Turkish hazel, and are in the process of planting 3-4 Himalayan cedars.