48 days ago
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12 days ago

IURRA Crash & Ear Bash

The Team from Ilam & Upper Riccarton Residents Association (IURRA)

Thank you to everyone who came along to our get together last week - it was great to see so many of you attend. The committee members enjoyed meeting you and getting to hear about some of your concerns, as well as all of us getting to know our neighbours a little better. We will be organising more of these later in the year, so watch this space!

4 hours ago

New blog post: Neighbourly in the news!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We love seeing Neighbourly members mentioned in the news - and we've seen a few in the last few months. From a Neighbourly group that has united the masses right through to a neighbourhood who rallied to deliver a 250kg piano to two blind sisters - there is a lot of good going on in Neighbourly communities around the country. You can read about them right here in our latest blog post.

4 hours ago

HELP NEEDED/Conquers Series

Mark&Rachael from Upper Riccarton

Hi hoping some one cand HELP us .Has anyone got a copy of the Conquers Series Study guide and six DVD set that they would be willing to lend to my husband and I for a few months .As we no it is expensive we would be willing to pay a hireage/bond fee and sign a contract agreeing that we would replace the manuel and DVDs at our cost should any damage be caused or any of it go missing and also get some one like our GP or Husbands support worker sign contact to say they vouch for us that we are honest and will return the book and DVDs etc.