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Throwback Thursday: On the buses

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

The tram ride to New Brighton was an institution in Christchurch for many decades.
Passengers rattled along the rails to Saturday shopping and summer picnics on the beach.

This changed in October, 1952. Out went trams, in came buses.

Christchurch mayor Robert Macfarlane drove the last rumbling old tram, festooned with banners and bunting. It towed a double-decker trailer, from the top of which the Caledonian Pipe Band played a lament.

In its wake came three of the Christchurch Transport Board's new AEC diesel buses. The band later piped the buses into New Brighton.

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Recycle Reuse Relove

Sue McManus from Red Cross Shop Church Corner

At Red Cross we love to see how creative our customers are. They inspire us and maybe you too. Here is a creative way to use two plates and a glass. For more treasures pop in store today - we are replenishing our stocks daily.

Red Cross church corner
14 Yaldhurst Road
Upper Riccarton

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Are you the owner of any of these expensive cat breeds?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Luxury cat breeders say Covid-19 has pushed demand for high-priced kittens to unprecedented levels.

The Maine Coon –one of the country’s most expensive breeds at $2,500 a cat – soared in demand during the Covid-19 lockdown last March.

Enquiries for the “gentle giant” cats increased from 15 to 20 per week to about 20 per day, as Kiwis increasingly searched for ways to spend their money and time around home, one breeder said.

Do you own an expensive cat breed? Let us know below. Pics welcome!

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Thermomix make it manual Workshop Zoom

Lisa-Marie from Rolleston

We have a Thermomix workshop happening over zoom on Wednesday the 18th if anyone is interested, please PM me for details