35 days ago

The World's fastest Kiwi: Christchurch men chase land speed record on homemade bike

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Move over Burt.

Another team of Kiwi adrenaline junkies will attempt to crack a record-breaking 320kmh this week, on a motorbike built in a Christchurch shed.

Between Friday and Sunday, 56-year-old UK ex-pat Phil Garrett will try to set a New Zealand motorcycle land speed record, tearing down a closed McCrorys Rd in Pendarves, near Ashburton.

Alongside fellow drivers Rob Small and Des Bull, he will tackle the feat on a 46-year-old motorbike, one almost entirely rebuilt in his Burwood garage by hundreds of people.

What do you think of their chances?

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2 hours ago

Addictive Eaters Anonymous

The Team from Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Christchurch

Monthly AEA Worldwide Web events are held on the third Sunday of each month.
For May it is 8.00 am on Sunday 17th.
For newcomers interested in receiving a Zoom invitation for the event, please email aeawebevent@gmail.com.

5 days ago

Throwback Thursday: March past

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

World War II dominated the 1940s. "Our boys" marched through Christchurch before
departing to fight the foe. They were joined by many women who had enlisted in the armed forces to serve in support roles. Here, some of the 549 members of the Women's Service Auxiliary march in a street parade. It is April, 1941. Germany has inflicted a series of defeats
on Allied forces in Europe and Japan is preparing for war in the Pacific. Such parades
boosted patriotism, which helped the military recruitment drive and the raising of money for
the war effort through bonds schemes.

22 hours ago

A tale of two book lovers: Second-hand bookshops open next door to each other

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Happy Monday neighbours,

Second-hand bookstores are like buses: You wait years for one, and then two come along at once.

A pair of second-hand bookstores have opened next door to each other in Woolston in a bid to transform Ferry Rd into a “book destination”.

At first sight it may appear like a sitcom about two rival booksellers, but the owners of Steadfast Books and Book Barn decided opening next door to each other would help bring in more customers.

What do you think about this as a business decision? Savvy?