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Dunedin's coast: NZ's little slice of "Bali" is full of wildlife

Trupti Biradar Reporter from Stuff Travel

With sweeping beaches, hidden caves, seals, penguins and albatross - we think this must be the most underrated stretch of New Zealand. Have you been? Read more on the link below.

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Poll: Do you think Christchurch's new stadium seats should be reduced?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

A majority of city leaders have decided to reduce the capacity of Christchurch’s new stadium, from 30,000 seats to a minimum of 25,000, to bring the project in on budget.

Councillors and senior staff attended the extraordinary meeting on Thursday morning to decide on a design change to the stadium after it was publicly revealed the original preferred concept, which could have up to 30,000 seats, would have been over budget by up to $131.4 million.

A majority of councillors endorsed the staff recommendation to lower the number of seats to 25,000 – but designers have been directed to try and find efficiencies moving forward to get the capacity to about 27,500.

Let us know your thoughts below.

Full story here: www.stuff.co.nz...

Do you think Christchurch's new stadium seats should be reduced?
  • 15.5% Yes
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  • 80.9% No
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  • 3.6% I'm undecided
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303 votes
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Sign up for our Tokyo Olympics newsletter

Angela Quigan Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

The Tokyo Olympics are about to kick off, and some of our country's best sports stars are set to represent New Zealand on the world stage.

The opening ceremony takes place on Friday (about 11pm NZ time), and the Games will run through until August 8.

Over the next two-and-a-half weeks, some of the world’s best athletes competing in a range of sports will battle it out in Tokyo in the hopes of walking away with a medal.

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We'll also be live blogging our Kiwi athletes' events every day of the Games. Just bookmark this page to stay up to date.

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Taxis: Uber or Ola??

Erina from Sydenham

Hi Neighbours: I wonder if anyone has had any or broad experience in the use of these 2 taxi companies and how they found them? I was introduced to Uber which I thought was a great service in the speed of arrival (punctuality) and their general manner, but I thought the fare expensive. Today I was introduced to Ola and for the same distance the price difference was phenominal - $5.20 to be exact! The wait time and manner and all things considered being equal: all but price difference and I wonder if anyone may guess why? Given this is a Tuesday night so maybe the demand wasnt high? I ordered the Uber on a Friday. The time was within minutes of being the same and the route the same.
I am interested in hearing your experience. And yes, I have googled them for obvioud differences but they seem to be very contradictory hence real life NZ experience please?