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Boil water alert remains for parts of Mt Pleasant

The Team from Christchurch City Council

A boil water notice for parts of Mt Pleasant will remain in place over the weekend as a precaution.

Residents in some areas of the suburb were advised on Wednesday afternoon to boil their water following a loss of pressure in the water mains that supply the area.

In an update today, Christchurch City Council Three Waters and Waste Reticulation Manager Tim Drennan says residents in the affected area should continue to boil all water used for drinking, food preparation, utensil washing, brushing teeth or making ice until Christchurch City Council advises that it is safe to use.

The boil water notice was introduced as a precaution because the city’s water supply network relies on a constant pressure to prevent any contaminants entering pipes.

If the pressure drops, there is a chance the water could become contaminated when it starts flowing again.

Mr Drennan says staff have been regularly testing the water supply in the area and the results have been clear.

“There are no signs of contamination at this stage but we would like to continue testing for a few more days so we can be sure there are no issues.”

Council staff are still investigating the cause of the water pressure problem.

Bringing water to the boil is sufficient to kill bugs. If you cannot boil water, treat it by adding one teaspoon of household bleach per 10 litres of water and leave for 30 minutes.

Any Mt Pleasant residents who do not have water should contact the Council’s call centre on 03 941 8999.

More messages from your neighbours
3 hours ago

Lost shopping

Carrie from Richmond

My neighbor left her shopping on the number three Sumner bus yesterday afternoon . she is a pensioner and had decided to go to pack n save after a long day at the hospital. When she realized her mistake she contacted the bus company no one handed it in.to the person who took her groceries you are a very bad person If you have any kind of decency left you should feel very ashamed stealing from an old lady

5 hours ago

Poll: Should Christchurch's buses be free to use?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Two Environment Canterbury councillors are pushing for a two-year trial of free buses in greater Christchurch, but the move is likely to cost ratepayers and taxpayers millions of dollars.

The regional council, which is already proposing a 24.5 per cent rate increase, will vote on Thursday whether to investigate a two-year public transport free-fare trial to start from mid-next year.

ECan councillor John Sunckell​, who requested the vote along with fellow councillor Megan Hands, said ECan had not been “heroic” enough in looking at public transport options within Christchurch.

Read more here and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Should Christchurch's buses be free to use?
  • 20% Yes definitely
    20% Complete
  • 18.8% Yes but only on a trial basis first
    18.8% Complete
  • 58.8% No, it will cost ratepayers too much
    58.8% Complete
  • 2.4% Not sure/something else (tell us in the comments)
    2.4% Complete
85 votes
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Ryman Healthcare charity partner 2021/22

Margaret Stoddart Retirement Village

Applications are closing soon!

Since 1999, the residents and staff at Ryman Healthcare have raised more than $4 million for charities across New Zealand and Australia.

Supporting fellow pioneers isn’t new. It’s in our DNA. Learn more about becoming our charity partner.