35 days ago

Kittens 🐱

Kylie from St Albans

Hi all,
I’m looking for anyone who’s cat or knows of someone who’s cat is having/had kittens.
We are desperately looking for a new companion for my mother in law. After losing her last girl after 20yrs together a few years back she is finally ready to love another wee one again 💕 unfortunately we can’t afford the $200 plus it costs to adopt one through the SPCA. We would love to see her with a wee companion again as she is now in her early 70’s and on her own. The kitten would be going to an adoring owner who will care and love them endlessly! If you know anyone please message me.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,it is much appreciated and I’m hopeful that a perfect match is out there 🤞


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17 hours ago

Should more lights go up at Hagley Oval?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

To host international day/night games, Christchurch's Hagley Oval will require six lighting towers, but there's strong opposition to the proposal.

What do you think? Should the lights be installed so the city can host more cricket matches? Or should Hagley Park be left alone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

3 hours ago

Play stuff videos

Jules from Sydenham

We are trying to figure out how to watch the stuff play videos as they come up in stuff. We have tried watching 2 different videos each on 2 different iPhones, both times the ads will play but as soon as it stops, if you press the play button, the video of the ad will just play again. There seems to be no play button for the actual video you’ve been click-baited to watch. Could it be they’re not mobile responsive?? (Bit of a fail in that case then).

5 hours ago

Art Class Recruiting for 2020

Courtney Winter from Art Mix Norwester

Art is for everyone - any age, any ability, from absolute beginners to experienced artists.

Come and join our friendly and happy group of men, women and teenagers from all walks of life, from Christchurch and the wider Canterbury areas.

We work in all mediums, at all experience levels, with a resident tutor and visiting tutors up to twice a year.

We create all year – February to December,
Tuesday evenings, 7to 9p.m. at Christchurch Girls High School. State School holidays observed.

Annual fees: $240. A $50.00 deposit payable immediately, with balance due on 12 February 2018. A short term payment system can be looked at if there is a problem with the annual fee. Art materials is additional.

If you wish to discuss anything further please get in contact. Or Look in the Arts Canterbury Website under Businesses and then Organisations. Courtney 029 777 9393 or Email: artmixnorwester@gmail.com