822 days ago

Are you looking for a small, child-centered preschool?

Carla Beckingsale from Parent Portal

Elmwood Preschool (in Strowan, Christchurch) is a place where children are allowed to be children; they can take risks, have fun, embrace challenges and have the freedom to express their thoughts and emotions.
Find out more here: parentportal.co.nz...


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cody from Addington

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7 days ago

cutting trees down

Peter from Sydenham

I live at 65 king street my neighbours live in the town houses next door,,decieded to cut all the brunches down that overhang there driveway and dump it all in my backyard,,while i was away,, do you as nieghbours think thats fare?thats how you start a world war 3 lol,,all it takes is communication,, im not a bad bloke can anybody help me get rid of all this mess,,thanks pete ryan

13 hours ago

Reasonable car service

Prachi from St Albans

Hi Neighbors!
Could you please recommend a good car service place for a Volkswagen? Just the usual annual service that won't break the bank :)
Thanks heaps! Have a wonderful weekend!