62 days ago

Land Fill Charges

Max & Lizzie from Kairanga

Not sure about the rest of you, but I am already sick of picking up peoples dumped rubbish on our rural road. The higher the dump fees the more crap will buildup on peoples lawns( as they cannot afford to dispose of it properly through the waste resource centres) and on the side of the road. By all means put up the price, that will cover the cost of councils paying their staff to drive out to the country to pick up the crap dumped on the side of the roads. How very short sighted that is.
Time to encourage recycling not discourage due to cost! Those who can think outside the square need to come up with solutions, ban plastic bottles, bring back glass ones that encourage people to return them. I used to buy all my lollies on returned bottles when I was a child, not a good use of funds, but by collecting bottles you would probably pay your Spark account or save it for winters power bill and there will be no waste to dispose of! Perhaps the takeaways could think about returnable packaging, most of the rubbish I see is KFC, McDonald or subway wrappers and drink containers (with straws). There must be a better way and necessity always leads to invention so lets hope this discussion will kick someone into action. The other killer is the makeup companies with single use packaging, we used to be able to buy refills, why now can you only by your product in a new plastic container? I'm sure being able to refill your holders would reduce the cost of beauty.
How do we stop this?

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1 day ago

Rash response to cafe note on nappy changing

Matthew Dallas Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Hi neighbours,
A two-sentence note to customers set off a firestorm of online emotion and negative reviews for a Palmerston North cafe. Are people too quick to be offended these days or are they justifiably riled?

3 hours ago

Roaming dog

Kristyn from Bulls - Sanson

Does anyone own or know of anyone who owns a black entire male Akita type dog (has no collar, 2 blue eyes, curled tail, 1 ear up and 1 ear down)? Had one come onto our property this morning in Bulls and was worrying our stock. Would like to chat to owner if possible.

4 hours ago

Diabetes and Fitness

Evolve Fitness

Fitness more important than low BMI for reducing mortality risk among adults with diabetes