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Work off Christmas dinner in 23,573 easy steps

Smiths City

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Poll: With Auckland back in alert level 3 lockdown, are you becoming more complacent when it comes to following the rules?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Kiwis may become complacent and start to ignore government guidance if lockdowns become more frequent, according to experts.

Auckland moved back into a week-long level 3 lockdown on Sunday after two fresh community cases of Covid-19 were discovered.

But University of Auckland associate professor Susanna Trnka​ says if people no longer feel a sense of urgency they will be less compelled to follow the rules.

"During the first lockdown it was understood that extraordinary times require extraordinary measures,” the social anthropologist said.

"But as it becomes lockdown two, three and four, the sense of the urgency has shifted and isn't so palpable."

Senior lecturer Sarah Cowie, who is an expert on psychology and behaviour, said it was "certainly a possibility" that people could become more complacent during recurring lockdowns.

“There's evidence from places overseas that have been flung in and out of lockdown that people do become a little bit more complacent the more you have,” she said.

“If we are doing things in line with level 3 and not seeing the benefits of that, it might feel discouraging."

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With Auckland back in alert level 3 lockdown, are you becoming more complacent when it comes to following the rules?
  • 13.9% Yes
    13.9% Complete
  • 32.6% No
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  • 53.5% I'm adhering strictly to government guidance.
    53.5% Complete
331 votes
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Buying by tender: Did you write a letter?

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Hi folks,
My colleague Jo is writing a story about buying by tender, specifically, the new trend of writing letters to the vendor to explain why they should pick your offer over all the rest.
As the market gets harder and harder to break into, we've been hearing more and more about people trying to make a personal connection with vendors to give their tender offers the edge. We've heard folks will include personal details about their family, why the love the house and what their plans for the property are.
Jo would love to talk to anyone who's written a letter like this to accompany a tender - perhaps it's you, perhaps a relative or friend - or from vendors who've received letters like this, accompanying a tender.
Perhaps you asked for such letters?
We'd love to hear more about that experience for you and how it shaped the way the sale went.
You can reach out to jo here (she'll be joining the Neighbourly neighbourhood soon!) or via our email: homed@stuff.co.nz.
Looking forward to hearing your stories.

4 hours ago

Movies in the Waiuku Town Hall- Sunday 11 April

Bradley from Waiuku

Movies in Halls - “new” FLB initiative for this year (replaces Movies in Parks as trial) - Waiuku Town Hall Committee very pleased to be selected as one of the venues
- Matinee on Sunday 11th April, 4pm to 6pm
- family focus, MOANA, the Disney film will be shown
- “Gold Coin donation” per person for Karioitahi Surf Club Clubhouse Rebuild Fund would be greatly appreciated
- “Theatre Shop” will be operating by Waiuku Lions with any profits going to Surf Club - ice creams, drinks, snacks etc