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1 day ago

Email hacks

Ronald from Massey

Over night I received an e-mail telling me that they (the person sending the email) had been watching me search and or use porn sites on the web. They also said if I didn't log on to another site and purchase $750 worth of bit coins they would further hack me and post images of me accessing said sites. Problem is I don't go to such sites and I wouldn't know how to buy bit coins if I wanted to. I'll either find out or I wont I guess as they gave me 50 hours to make the purchase. As a self employed person I often get rubbish emails, some asking me to give money to a 10 year old squashed by an elephant, others telling me if I provide my bank account they can pay me the $40 million I've been left by and aunt I never heard of. I ignore them for the stupid attempt they are, all though some are getting more and more sophisticated and will suck even savvy people in. This one is different, its a direct threat, a direct attempt to extort. They even told me not to make a complaint as whoever I complain to wont be able to trace them any more than I would. So watch this space ill report it and report back on any developments, off to change all my passwords now.

5 days ago

Flower/plant identification required please - part 4

Fiona from Henderson

The fourth post is a very lush looking tree absolutely filled to the brim with pretty pink blooms.
The tree is slightly taller than 2 metres.
I did wonder if it was an azalea gone absolutely feral or maybe it was a vereya.
Your wealth of knowledge is desperately needed with all these identifications please.
I thank you all in advance.

1 hour ago

What's On: Matakana Hall Market

Lynda from Manly

Another beautiful selection of local craft, Vintage collectibles etc. Designer clothing, produce and plants. Come along to see something unique and different. All enquires welcome. ph 0272522194.
Matakana Hall Market
  • Matakana Hall