34 days ago

A Huge Apology To Everyone who received their newspapers a day or two late

Matt from Henderson

This is to all people who live down in Stephen Ave, Kona Cres, Poinsettia Place, and the Upper Half of Lincoln Road, from the start Kingdale Rd, and passed Pomaria Rd upwards (you know I am meaning)

I do apologise to all who have received their newspapers quite late last week. I was quite sick on Monday and Tuesday and came down with a horrible cold and quite chesty. Still not 100% but will be able to do normal deliveries this week as best as I can. I have been able to drink a lot of lemon drink like Lift or when I get the chance, I will mix some Raro juice sachets (put for eg two lemonade raro sachets in a 3 litre bottle) with some actual squeezed lemons with water to fill up the bottle, to mix the juice together and drink when ready.


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4 days ago

orange bin tags.

Sam from Whenuapai & Herald Island

is anyone else having an issue with these. The last 3 or 4 times my rubbish bin has been emptied the orange tag has disappeared.! What is the reasoning behind, having to buy these. I would have thought, that it was covered by our rates?

2 days ago

Storage boxes

Grant from Te Atatu Peninsula

I have about 15 king storage boxes ideal for moving free if interested call grant on 027 277 2286 pick up

1 day ago

Can't Sleep properly? Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Beds 4 U Henderson

We all are inundated with a lot of work and when we go back home we strongly desire a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, but for many reasons, we don’t achieve it and then the question arises “Why can’t I sleep?” See, everything is not fixable, but there are things that are under your control. So, I can’t sleep properly and I want to know why I’m not able to get a peaceful sleep these days. Read more to find out.