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Poll: Should Auckland build a monorail? - Reply

Matt from Henderson

Yes, I believe we need to have or build a monorail! Some people may not of think of having this but you need to look at the practical side of life. How many train failures have their been in Auckland in the recent years? Maybe 4-5 (just guessing), could be more than that. You need to have a backup transport system in case one fails so to speak.

People will ring up employers saying they will be coming late because they have to use a taxi or bus to get to work because the train has had a electric fault or failure somewhere along the line or track.

Now when the train fails, the monorail can be used as a back transport system when these things happen to the train.

You wouldn't need to ring your bosses up when the train stuffs up or has a fault somewhere, the monorail would be able to be used to take you to work much more faster and much quicker too!

That's is what I have to say about that! Yes there has been a poll on this already, but sometimes it's good to get another opinion on the matter.


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🌺🌸Flower/plant identification required please🌸🌺

Fiona from Henderson

I have 2 more plants that I need your excellent help in identifying please.
I saw these in a friend's garden and for the life of her, she couldn't remember what they were - we all have those blank moments.
1. The first one is a delicate one with beautiful tiny purple petals with grey like 'pods' on the long stem.
2. The second one is a bush type plant with larger leaves at the bottom and smaller leaves as it got taller. The flower sits on a very long stem.
Thank you all in advance.

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Friday Funny😄😄

Fiona from Henderson

This has been a loooong week for some.
So here is a very quick funny.
Well it made me laugh out loud 😄😄