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7 days ago


Karla from Totara Park – Alfriston

My girl was shot in the Alfriston area around 149 Mill Road on the 19th March. It was a slug gun and completely snapped her leg in half. Our neighbours are all animal lovers but we have a lead to somebody in the polo prince area.

Please keep your babies close. I am also asking for donations, this has cost over $4000 to fix with visits to the emergency gets, surgery, and there will be more ongoing costs :( any help or any clue to who did this would be greatly appreciated.

45 minutes ago

FOR SALE - 3/3 Eulogy Pl, Randwick Park

Pete from Wattle Downs

📍 3/3 Eulogy Pl, Randwick Park
🛏️ 3 Bedrooms 🛀 1 Bathroom 🛀 1 Garage Parking

A great family home, in a perfectly central location, plus, with long-term tenants, this home is full of opportunity. This home isn't yet online, so to get more info, send me a message or head on over to my Facebook page to check out the video!

✔️ REAA Licensed Agent 2008

3 days ago

At-Home Fire Safety Checklist

Fire and Emergency from Fire and Emergency New Zealand

With everyone staying home, it’s now more important than ever for everyone to be fire-safe. People can find information on our website -

We’re heading into winter, and with households self-isolating together, there’ll be more cooking at home, and more use of open fires, heaters, and dryers - all things which can increase fire risk.

New Zealanders can be confident that Fire and Emergency is well-prepared and ready to respond to emergencies as usual during the nationwide self- isolation period.

Please call 111 if you have a fire, we will ask you whether anyone at the address is self-isolating or has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Where this is the case, we already have necessary measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety including protective clothing, gloves, masks, safety glasses and mask.