37 days ago

Complete lack of Infrastructure

Glenn from St Heliers

Anyone driving around Auckland could not help notice the huge number of massive apartment blocks going up even though we lack the infrastructure including drainage, sewerage and roads and all connected to already over loaded systems, it appears our braindead council obviously like our so called Government are quite happy to allow this type of development without any thought for the complete lack of Infrastructure and like many things that are being done in our country it appears as long as someone is making a buck nothing will change, the whole mess in our cities has been allowed to occur by a succession of obviously useless councils and self serving politician's.

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17 days ago

3 bedroom unit is for rent

Miklos from Glendowie

We are moving to Wellington and our current rental will be available in a few weeks. It is a lovely place in great school zones with great neighbours around. $610/week

3 hours ago

What's On: Joanna Walden - Author's talk

Valerie from Glen Eden

A talk with The Inside Hustle writer. Joanna experienced an awakening of her true divine self which set her off in pursuit of spiritual awakening.
Joanna Walden - Author's talk
  • Parnell Library
6 hours ago

Rodent Season-🐀

Jack from K.O PEST

Hi guys,
Rodent season is here.

To get rid of them or prevent them entering over winter contact us to protect your home:
On 0212517977 or jack@kopest.co.nz or visit www.kopest.co.nz...