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8 days ago

Free fitness in Auckland Domain...

Sarah Moore from Froot Camp

If getting fit is on your 2022 'to do' list, join Froot Camp!

Froot Camp is a completely free bootcamp running in Auckland Domain - a great bunch of people who love to have a laugh while they sweat. We train three times a week and every session is different (so you'll never get bored).

Here's what you need to know:
- it's FREE! (Froot Camp = Free Bootcamp!)
- we train at 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday and 9am Saturday
- we meet at the back of the Museum
- all fitness levels are welcome
- all you need to bring is a good attitude and your water bottle

Questions? Ask below!

1 day ago

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The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

We live in unusual times. It all gets a bit much some days. So we're bringing you a much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there's inspiration, kindness and quirkiness out there too.

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2 days ago

Dishonest behavior in the order system of Mosquitox

Alex from Greenhithe

When I viewed "Market" on Neighbourly this afternoon, I saw "New Way To Keep Mosquitos Away". I opened this advertisement, and it sounds good. So I booked one.

However, the price shown on their website is NZD 66.99 each, while they charged me NZD 81.94 after I provided my banking information!

If they want to charge customers the freight cost seperately, they should let us know before we pay.

I am pretty unhappy with their dishonest behaviour in business.
I have sent them an e-mail and waiting to see what they will say.

Tip: For any online order, we should not proceed if the amount is not shown before we pay.