153 days ago

Is red-light running becoming commonplace?

Kymberlee Fernandes Reporter from Manukau Courier

Hey neighbours,
Have you noticed more people running red lights? At which intersections does it happen most often?
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1 day ago

Middlemore Hospital

Alan from Flat Bush

I had the fortune to need to take my 9 year old son to Middlemore's Kids First at 2 am on Monday morning.

Fortunate in that Kids First is staffed by amazing doctors and nurses who are brilliant, empathetic, efficient, and above all, bang on with their diagnosis and treatment.

As I've been putting up positive comments around the net, I find it ironic and disturbing that almost all the negative comments came from people who use the ED at Middlemore as a doctor and then cry about it when they're left to stew for 6-7 hours.

Hospitals are for emergencies and even under the constraints of staffing levels, outdated buildings and some serious security issues, Middlemore seems to perform at world-class level.

If you're just sick and need a doctor, for god's sake, go to a doctor - leave this magnificent, multicultural teams of heroes to carry on doing the fantastic job they do, be at it 10 am or in the middle of the night.

Legends! Thank you all.