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42 minutes ago

Mum's On Purpose in 2020?

Anthea from Lifestyle Happy Place

I absolutely Love being a mum. And Love being in control as well.🤣😂🙏

Hey, I'm Anthea, I think I'm pretty approachable and my friends would probably say I'm outgoing as well.

Why I say that is because I believe every mum can absolutely achieve what they want in life and I'd like to be available to any mums her need an ear to vent.

I just want to say, Just because you have babies doesn't mean your career and life has to stop for you.

I chose to keep moving forward after I had my first baby. I changed careers and did a 3 year bachelor's degree with a toddler.

It wasn't easy that's for sure! But the hard work, is all apart of this journey we are on. The result, was a great job, good money and stability.

So if it seems like something is going to be hard, take a GOOD LONG LOOK AT THE OUTCOME! That is what really matters. Not the hard work!

If you need more support we have a community of driven and on purpose mums creating amazing lives for themselves, including myself. We all run online businesses and we get to make life happy on our terms and we love it! Happy to share click the link for more info.

Good luck mums! I'm here for ya! You can do it!🧡♥️🌈

3 hours ago

Oi, you! That’s not very Neighbourly!

The Team from

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6 hours ago

Antarctica as you’ve never seen it before!

The Team from Auckland Museum

Transport yourself to a world of ice and snow through the wonder of virtual reality in The Antarctica Experience.

Travel to Antarctica using the latest 360-degree virtual reality technology and follow in the footsteps of the scientists researching this mysterious continent.

Explore Antarctica from a helicopter cockpit and cruise through icy waters to meet a penguin colony.

This is Antarctica as you’ve never seen it before!

On daily for a limited time from 21 December 2019.
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